Friday, April 29, 2016

VAT Update

The Puerto Rico Secretary of Treasury has issued Administrative Determination 16-07 providing procedures for a transition from Sales Tax to Value Added Tax effective June 1, 2016. A very brief summary follows:

-       The VAT rate is 10.5%;

-       A "Certificate of Small Business" will be available for businesses with gross income volume of less than $125,000;

-       The "Reseller Certificates" remain valid for the 1% Municipal Sales Tax exemption;

-       The "Certificate for Exempt Purchases and Services Subject to the 4% Special-SUT" (Form 2916) remains temporarily in effect until further notice and will serve as a certificate of exempt purchases for VAT purposes.

-       "Eligible Reseller Certificates" expire June 30, 2016 regardless of their expiration date.  After June 30, 2016 these merchants will be fully subject to VAT.

-       A new web based portal (SURI) would be available for all tax filings and the first filing is July 20th, 2016;

-       The filing of returns for merchants with pre-existing contracts will continue under PICO until June 30, 2016.  The SUT paid on the pre-existing contract will not be creditable against the VAT;



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